He makes all things new…

Change is scary!  As mentioned in a previous blog post, there was a lot change for us this summer.  Our family experienced a lot of new things.  And while change can be hard, it can also be an adventure!  We experienced some firsts this summer, and we were challenged to make new friendships and start in a new church.  Our new church family and friends have welcomed us with open arms and they made the challenge feel… Well, not much like a challenge at all!  In fact, there is a sense of familiarity about being here.  In some ways, it feels like we have been here for a long time, even though we have only been here four months. It has brought a calmness and a peace that I know only comes from the Lord.  I have described it to some of my family members in SC as “Coming home.”  SSBC reminds me so much of the church I grew up in SC and the church where Scott and I met and married.  All of this was just more confirmation to me that we were in God’s will coming here and it was in His plan.

You see, we weren’t really looking to leave Manchester.  We had some great friends there and we had a church family that we loved.  We were content…and then He moved us.  But like a lot of things in life, it is easier to get to the other side and look back and see His plan woven through the circumstances.

I am thankful He makes all things new, even when I don’t always understand!

img_2502     img_2794            img_2068   img_2071


The Lord brought new

Indian friends!






New experience, dancing with the Ugandan Thunder Orphans, and one orphan praying over Scott.

img_2426 img_2419

Fishing and hanging out with some of our new church family

img_2136 img_2141


“Slide the Country” with my new Lifegroup! (Sunday school class) and kids making new friends


img_2147 img_2148

Seth went away for Centrikid Camp for a week… a new experience and he LOVED it!


We made lots more friends, commissioned a new church plant, had a new 4th of July experience (Our Mayor goes all out!) and my kiddos zip-lined and jumped off a high dive for the first time!

img_2200  img_2094 img_2769 img_2768 img_2762 img_2757   img_2045 img_2006img_2073 img_2189

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