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Well… I have been missing from the blog world for a while, but it has been a glorious season in my life the past few months.  I have been wearing a lot of hats lately: Wife; Mom; Pastor’s Wife; Friend; Author; Speaker; Construction (literally); and Teacher.

From May until now, so many wonderful, but huge, semi-stressful, life changing events have happened. 🙂

We celebrated the birthdays of two of my sons, Seth (9) and Joel (4) and 10 years of marriage with a trip to Jamaica! (That was not the stressful part!)  My book about our family’s adoption, He Knows Her Name, came out in stores and fun book signings and media launch took place soon after.  I traveled to India to continue our work there with LOFT 218.  We had some hospital visits (all is well).  And last but not least, my husband accepted a position in a new church.

So in the middle of all these wonderful things, we had to say goodbye to our church family and friends in Manchester, and get ready to move our five children to a different home, different town, and different church.  It was hard to leave (Trust me- I shed some tears), but our transition has gone great.  We are really loving our new town, our new church, and making lots new friends. And thankfully, we are not too far, as we still have been able to visit with some of our Manchester friends.

In addition, we bought a fixer upper (enter STRESS here ) and my Mother In Law decided to move in with us. Which I know scares some of you all, but it’s going great for us, and technically we aren’t moved in together yet, because our house is still be remodeled. She is currently staying with a church member while we are renting. And she has helped a ton with the kids, which cuts down on the stress.

I also decided to home school… (Insert more STRESS here)… Which will eventually be a whole blog in itself!  Even though, this adventure is definitely stressful at times, I am really enjoying it… And I think my kiddos are too! We played fall baseball and have been conditioning for youth wrestling

Here are a few pics from the whirlwind we have been living in, but again… I thank God, because we really don’t deserve His lavishing love. But He has still chosen to bless us in tremendous ways throughout this whole transition.

Oh, and did I mention we got a dog?!?



img_2840 img_2846 img_2819 img_2788 img_2594 img_2433 img_2434 img_2454 img_2560 img_2577

img_2117 img_1941 img_1910 img_1877 img_1684 img_1554 img_2936



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