The Money Pit



Did you ever see the movie, The Money Pit?

I saw it when I was younger, and boy does this renovation feel like the money pit!  Every idea leads to another idea and each idea equals dollar signs!$!$!$

But thankfully there is nothing wrong with our house…it’s just my ideas that are sinking us! ūüôā

So I showed you some of the things we knocked down in our kitchen area, but that also led to us knocking down some walls in a pantry.  This allowed us to recess our ovens and some cabinets and our microwave to create some more space in the kitchen as well.

This also meant that there was a portion of a wall that had to come out of our garage and be¬†reframed… See how each idea leads to more $?$?$?


(Part of the pantry wall taken out and recessed back into the garage… that’s the garage you see in the pic)

Well, I also tore down some walls in the master bath area, and we almost tore down some more in the master bedroom…but I withheld myself from more! ūüôā


(The closet you see in the pic has been completely wiped out all the way to the ceiling.  Behind that closet was a separate room with a tub.  Now it is one big room with a new tiles shower.)


(Part of the master bathroom demolition, the wall is completely gone to the ceiling now)


(Our tile guy (highly recommend!!!) working on our shower)

We did some more work in the bathroom too… here is the original pic again of the bathroom


Do you see that entrance to a short hall? ¬†If you went in it… there was a stand up shower on your right. ¬†If you went straight it took you straight to a private toilet, and if you went left it would take you to small room with a tub.

img_2060 img_2523

We also gutted this whole area, and it is now a walk in closet.  The toilet has been moved to the area where the new tiled shower is.  No tub for us.


(Toilet and shower GONE!) ¬†Now that area had some reframing, and some plumbing removes. ¬†Walls have now been drywalled. ¬†We just need to patch some spots in the floor, and then we will carpet it and hang closet shelves and organization. ¬†Can’t wait… this closet will be MINE, ALL MINE! Muwah ah ah ah ah.

However, despite all my tearing down walls…I did frame in a wall and an area that was open. ¬†Our living room is a sunken living room, which I love. ¬†But when you originally went upstairs to the kids’ area there was an open balcony that looked over into the sunken living room. ¬†Originally I loved that openness up there, but then I soon realized that I could never leave my three year old up there alone… EVER! You know the one that put play dough in his ear???

I just had horrible thoughts of him jumping over the balcony for fun, or also finding it amusing to constantly throw toys off the balcony into the living room below. ¬†I needed a couple of friends to give me a good nudging… but soon I was ready to not have to stress about the balcony or Joel! ¬†Plus, having an extra wall gives me more a place to set up and decorate…basically to have a functional room, which is going to be our home school room.

img_2773 img_2748

(I could not find a before picture of the balcony, but there was one there!)

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