Work Crew

I have to say we have the most adorable work crew!  They work for food, and they do eat a lot! The kiddos are just as excited to get in our new blessing, as we are.  This year, our home school decision has allowed them to be in on a lot more of the work at the house.  They LOVE when they actually get to do some of the work.

img_2828 img_2827

Here they are helping Daddy spread hay.  We had to plant grass seed over the entire yard.  Originally, there were so many trees that grass could no grow.  There were a ton of weeds and ivy, but no grass.  We had a bunch of men from church that helped us cut down at least 20 trees and grind some stumps.  Our kiddos now have a great back yard to play in!  And the grass is growing up nicely!

img_2821 Seth got to “help” our mud man, Mr. Gary.  If he cant get mudding down, at least we have a shot at the circus 🙂








img_2819 img_2816 img_2815The kids helped me with one of my DIY projects.  I bought and was given some old tractor seats, that we are using as the bar stools for our kitchen island.  They helped me sand the rust, clean, and paint the seats to get them ready to attach to bar stools.  Each seat is a little different, so they had fun picking out their favorites.




img_2735 img_2724 We also took a home school field trip to the cabinet shop.  Our kids got to distress the very cabinets that will be in our new kitchen.  They loved participating, and even got to carve their names in a secret place on our island.  I must say we Parkisons are great at tearing things up! 🙂

img_2723 img_2718


The boys got to use with some of the equipment… sanders, drills, hammers!img_2607 img_2347 img_2346 img_2334

Aren’t they cute?

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